Our vision at Mother’s Pride School is to empower the children to explore, enjoy and enrich them with skills to support them as life- long learner’s where sound ethical values, emotional, social, physical and spiritual wellbeing moulds them into responsible youth of India.

At Mother’s Pride School we heartily believe that a “Child’s play is Child’s work”. We have transformed the early education system from traditional learning to experiential learning, so in this dynamic world the children gain an edge and are a step ahead.


  • Holistic education for development of both inner and the outer strength with modern facilities.
  • Provides environmental education so that they can protect flora and fauna of surroundings.
  • Provide education for emotional intelligence and cultivate higher human values.
  • Encourage students to be skilled in vocational education so that they can be self dependent.
  • To provide platform for art, music, sports, humanities and literature so that the children can perform as global citizen.
  • Its our prior mission to make our students as helping hands at the society which can work for the environment, saving fuel & water.


MPS aims at imparting education with a firm moral based learning through better teaching facilities. Academic excellence by offering wide syllabus, inculcating a sense of nationality, unity in diversity and a desire for integration of regional, linguistic & ideological elements in a harmonious way. Physical fitness, through sports, games & yogic exercise, thus develops all facets of a child’s personality. Our mission statement : “You give us child, we will make him you pride.”